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In today’s digital world all size of businesses faces an acute deficit of the right talent, which impedes their ability to deliver value for clients, thus diminishing their productivity and competitiveness. Agility is vital for businesses when it comes to talent sourcing, and sustainability to enhance the organization’s competitiveness. Recruiting employees for permanent positions are an overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly process. It takes a piece of extensive knowledge to find and recruit permanent employees on your team, especially for niche roles in the organization.

TechStar offers Permanent Recruitment solutions, which brings in the agility that your business needs to have a continuum of staffing solutions. Our partnership with trusted partner organizations, deep talent resource pool, and specialist knowledge of key business verticals provides our clients access to the talent they need, faster. Our core expertise lies in bridging the gap between organizations and talent, by bringing in our expertise, network, and market research to clients. Our rich industry experience, coupled with adherence to the highest global standards for talent acquisition, helps deliver the best-fit talent for organizations of any size, across all industries.

We provide a complete 360° support to organizations seeking a permanent workforce. Our process typically includes:


  • Define the job description
  • Create a character sketch of the type of candidate client needs
  • Identify the qualifications for the role
  • List the necessary and desirable qualities


  • A detailed search of extensive TechStar database
  • Engagement with passive candidates via various channels
  • Active promotion on targeted job boards and portals


  • Ongoing contact with the candidate to ensure their engagement and commitment to the role
  •  Support throughout the job offer and acceptance process


  • Pre-screening and qualification of the candidate’s interest in the role
  • Face-to-face interview to ensure job and talent fit
  • Fair and consistent selection process based on agreed criteria

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