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Any organization can benefit from the diversity of its people only if they are equipped with the right skills. Many businesses spend a lot of time and money in not just recruiting the talent but also training them to bring them to the expected level. Instead, companies are looking for skilled employees ready to jump-start work instantly after joining without having to spend additional resources on training them. To assist our clients find the right candidate, we developed a training program, which benefits both parties. To solve this skill-gap problem amongst candidates, and to save a considerable amount of time, effort, and money for companies, TechStar offers Hire, Train, and Deploy (HTD) services.

Our Hire, Train, and Deploy Model
Our Hire, Train, and Deploy program is a customer-centric, result-driven, and process-driven model that delivers a fully trained, high-performing, and ready-to-hire professionals for your business. The HTD model works as an excellent sourcing strategy to ensure that the new employees are equipped with the right technical skills and domain knowledge before they join the organization. We have developed the Hire, Train, and Deploy model as our ongoing commitment to providing economical and skilled employees to help our clients boost their productivity, efficiency, and achieve their business goals.

Why choose TechStar’s Hire, Train, and Deploy service?

  • Our profound domain knowledge and technical understanding of markets within your industry
  • Our unrivalled passion to source the best candidates that add value to your business
  • Our team of seasoned consultants, intrinsically motivated to train and be a mentor to the candidates
  • Our commitment to shaping talent into exceptional candidates and smoothly transitioning in your company

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