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Cloud Migration

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Customer Profile

A leading Information Technology company.

Problem Statement

This customer was planning a major software migration. They wanted to fully understand the impact to their business functions, independent of technology. They needed support before, during, and after the migration.

TechStar Solutions

During the course of the engagement, we offered a variety of support services.


We worked with the customer to outline three important documents to guide us through the migration:

  • A Functional Specification, which described the solution as defined in planning phase workshops.
  • A Test Specification, which described test cases and exit criteria for validating the solution.
  • An Operations Specification, which described best practices and recommended approaches for managing the solution, provisioning new fabric hosts, installing updates, and monitoring.


  • Converted the image appropriately, ensuring that the disk was automatically resized to fit the target server instance specifications.
  • Transferred the image over a secure tunnel to their public cloud infrastructure, ensuring complete security.


For migration services like this, we partner with the customer to minimize impact to the business. We spend time understanding their business-critical applications and servers and preparing detailed documentation. This preparation supports our one goal: a seamless transition for the customer.


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