Staff Augmentation

Best-performance teams, on your terms! Work with the hand-picked talent to fit your business goals and needs at lightning speed

Permanent Recruitment


We are committed to uncovering reliable and qualified talent across a wide array of industries for permanent positions to elevate your business growth

Hire, Train &


We will spot a cost-effective skill set of talented resources to hire, train and deploy for all size of companies to deliver the world-class project efficiently

Offshore Development


We empower businesses to outsource and insource solid workforce to deliver agility, innovation and cost reduction with upfront commitments for better business outcomes

US Staffing


Benefit from our local expertise to implement and support critical IT projects with our on-demand staffing solution to bring in high-quality talent swiftly

Managed Service


Our commitment as your managed services provider rests on our intelligence to predict and manage change in both technology and business practices while delivering tangible & measurable results

Borderless Talent


Our global level network helps your company to go beyond geographic boundaries to on-board the right candidates to meet your short-term and long-term talent needs

IT Managed


We help your organization swiftly in embracing and adapting to the ever-changing technology landscape to increase business productivity and performance

TechStar IT Services Signature Offerings

IT Training & Development

IT Training & Development

Talent Resourcing

Talent Resourcing

Strategic Workforce Consulting

Strategic Workforce Consulting

Talent Based Outsourcing

Talent Based Outsourcing

How We Innovate

In today’s digital age, businesses need to continually redefine themselves to unlock new business opportunities. At TechStar IT Services, we take an innovation-led approach to help clients achieve their business goals. Through the TechStar deep domain expertise in staffing and recruitment, we bolster our capabilities to screening, shortlisting, and matching great talent to suitable opportunities for clients’ business growth.

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